Heritage Series

The Heritage Window Series provides premium thermal performance, keeping extreme hot and cold temperatures out of your home to protect your family and your utility bill. Its long list of quality practical features and its attractive beveled frame and enduring traditional grid option adds elegance and utility to any home.


Heritage Series Prairie Window Grille


Heritage Series Custom Window Grille


Heritage Series Window White Frame Color


Heritage Series Window Clay Frame Color


Heritage Series Window Clay Frame Color


Standard Features

  • Vinyl construction provides excellent thermal performance.
  • Thermal-welded frame and sash corners assure strength and watertight performance.
  • Unique frame design provides maximum strength & energy efficiency.
  • Window sash can be removed for easy cleaning on any level of the home.
  • Reinforcement bars in the meeting rails provide added strength.
  • Positive sash interlock at the meeting rail increases home security and weather resistance.
  • Dual weather seal reduces drafts and enhances energy efficiency.
  • Integral lift rail provides easy sash operation.
  • IGCC™ certified sealed insulating glass units provide optimal thermal performance.
  • Brickmold eliminates the need for additional exterior frame accessories and covers the raw edge of the siding for a clean appearance.
  • Precision counterbalanced sash provides smooth operation.
  • Extruded aluminum screen rail adds strength and stability, eliminating the need for installation clips or bands.
  • Window sashes can be tilted in and removed for easy cleaning.
  • Roller system provides smooth sliding operation.
  • Integral pull makes it easy to open and close.

Window Styles

Vinyl Single Hung Tilt-In Window

Vinyl Single Hung Tilt-In Window

Horizontal Sliding Vinyl Window

Horizontal Sliding Vinyl Window

Window Configurations

Single Hung


XO/OX Horizontal Slider

XOX Double End Slider

Standard Sizes

Product Rough Opening Width Rough Opening Height Colors
Single Hung Min:14.25", Max:46.25" Min:21.25", Max:72.25" White, Clay, Black
Picture Min:8.25", Max:72.25" Min:8.25", Max:72.25" White, Clay, Black
XO/OX Slider Min:24.25", Max:72.25" Min:12.25", Max:60.25" White, Clay, Black
XOX Double End Slider Max:95.25" Max:61.25" White, Clay, Black
Architectural sizing. Call size expressed in ft/in (2640 = 2'6" x 4'0")